Message from the management

 Hiroaki Kobayashi
Hiroaki Kobayashi
Chairman and President

“Paloma” means “white dove,” which is a symbol of peace.
Our company name embodies our desire to help our customers live a peaceful and prosperous life.
With this desire at our core, we have continued to push ourselves since day one, acting as the backbone of our customers’ safe, secure, convenient, and comfortable lives through gas appliances.

In recent years, we have been expanding our plants in Japan to meet the ever-increasing demand here and overseas, aiming to establish a multi-skilled framework to broaden the range of work carried out by each employee.
Furthermore, as part of our environmental conservation activities, we have also begun to take on the challenge of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050. At Paloma, we have many products and technologies that will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality, and we are working to develop new combustion equipment for the future; such as products that use energy made from a mixture of hydrogen and existing fuels.

In an era of rapid change, our manufacturing that listens to and responds to customer feedback remains unchanged.
As a global company, we will continue to provide people all over the world with a comfortable life assisted by gas appliances and contribute to building a sustainable society.